Vyšší Brod

A Cistercian Monastery was established 750 years ago and now is visited by many tourists every year. Many concerts and worships take place there. You can also visit it with a guide. There is also legendary Post Museum in this area, which surveys the history of post in Europe. The Pilgrimage chapel is a popular place, you also shouldn’t miss the St. Wolfgan Falls, or the Cow mountain with a beautiful view to Vyssi Brod.

Navigating Vltava

Navigating the river Vltava is a very popular activity. There are several ways. The way to Rožmberk is 11 kilometers long [2 hours], to Pískarna u Větrní is 34 kilometers long [8 hours]. You can rent canoes or rafts and waterman’s equipment in our hotel. We can also reserve a transport for you.

Ski resort

Our land changes to a ski paradise in winter. There is a modern ski resort Lipno nad Vltavou , that provides 8 ski slopes and a training ground for children. There is also a ski resort Sternstein with 3 ski slopes and a new modern cable railway in nearby Austria. You can visit an Austrian resort Hochficht, which is quite big resort with 9 ski slopes.

Impounding reservoir Lipno

An impounding reservoir Lipno originated from damming Vltava in the 50’s of the 19th century. It has a safety and energetic function and it could be a tourist destination too. The shores are full of fishermen from spring to autumn. Water sports like yachting, windsurfing or sailing dominate in the summer. Lipno is used as a path for ice skating during a winter. This skating highway is more than 10.000 meters long [from Lipno to Frymburg] and there are also some paths in HorniíPlaná.

Castles & ruins

Our land is full of castles and ruins. The nearest castle is Rožmberk, which lays by the river Vltava in town Rožmberk. You shouldn’t miss the famous Vítkuv Hrádek nearby Svatý Tomáš. A State Castle Český Krumlov is a jewel of this land.You should visit the chateau of Hluboká next to České Budějovice. Tourists can visit castles in Austria, for example the ruin Wildberg between Bad Leonfelden and Linz.


In Vyšší Brod, Lipno, Šumava – there is a number of tourist destinations and attractions including cycle tracks, perfectly prepared cross-country skiing tracks and marked tourist paths. The land of lost villages along the borderline with Austria is a paradise for bikers and in-line skaters. It goes to west from Vyšší Brod to The National Park Šumava. The ramblers will be delighted at Čertova mountain and Luč, Medvědí mountain, peatbog Kapličky and many others.



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